Scholarship Competition

Through Roanoke College's Scholarship Competition, Roanoke College supports students of superior academic and leadership ability.  Scholarship Competition awards

To be considered for these scholarships, you must complete the Scholarship Competition application and be a prospective college freshman seeking first-time fall enrollment. You must also be accepted to the College prior to the competition. Students with at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in a rigorous academic curriculum should consider applying for the Scholarship Competition.

Instructions & Dates

  1. The 2015-2016 competition dates: February 8, February 12, February 15, February 19 and February 22.
  2. Applicants must be prospective college freshmen seeking full-time enrollment for the first-time in the fall semester.
  3. Students must submit the admissions application and be accepted to the College prior to the competition. Official high school transcripts and SAT and/or ACT scores must be submitted by the deadlines outlined below.
  4. Admissions and Scholarship Competition Application Deadline: January 4 for the February competitions.
  5. Semifinalists will be notified the week of January 18 for the February competitions.
  6. In order to be considered for the Beard, Bittle, Bowman, Baughman, Dreher and Morehead Scholarships, semifinalists are required, with no exception, to participate on campus in one of the scheduled competitions.
  7. Scholarship recipients will be notified the week of December 14 for the November competitions and the week of March 21 for the February competitions.

Additional need-based financial aid may be available. You may contact the Admissions or Financial Aid Office for further information.

Apply to the Scholarship Competition