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KeyCare 15/KeyCare 25 PPO Changes

Anthem Health Plan Comparison

Ameritas Dental Plan Options

2009 Health/Dental Insurance Deductions

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Open Enrollment 2009

Dates: February 23 through March 18, 2009

Open Enrollment is your one opportunity each year to review your current benefit choices and make changes as needed. Our open enrollment will be conducted online again this year. As mentioned previously in Mark Noftsinger’s email, the 2009 plan year will be shortened to a nine-month plan year running from April 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009.

Any change that you request to your elections will become effective April 1, 2009. Open Enrollment is the time to:

  • Re-enroll in the same benefit elections. (health, dental, flexible spending, premium conversion)
  • Change your health insurance plan. (KeyCare 15 PPO, KeyCare 25 PPO, Healthkeepers 25 HMO).
  • Change your dental insurance options. (low or high)
  • Change your type of coverage. (Employee only, Employee + Child(ren), Employee + Spouse, Family)
  • Add or drop dependents from your plan(s).
  • Enroll in health, dental, or flexible benefits if you previously waived coverage.
  • Waive coverage.

Please note that all elections made during open enrollment will stay in effect for the entire plan year according to IRS regulations. If you have a qualifying event such as marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of a child, or other loss of coverage event, you may be able to change your elections. If you do experience a qualifying event, you are required to provide notice and documentation to Human Resources within 30 days of the event. Changes past the 30-day timeframe are not allowed.

Health Insurance
The College will continue to maintain health insurance coverage with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Effective April 1, 2009, Anthem announced some product enhancements and changes to the current health plans. See the links below for more information:

Healthkeepers 25 HMO Changes
KeyCare 15/KeyCare 25 PPO Changes

Below is a comparison of the three Anthem health plans available at Roanoke College:
Anthem Health Plan Comparison

Please visit the Anthem website at for access to the provider listings. Additionally, Human Resources will have provider directories available.

Dental Insurance
The College will continue to offer dental insurance through Ameritas Dental with no changes to the coverage offered. See the link below for information on the dental plan options:

Ameritas Dental Plan Options

Employee Health & Dental Insurance Rates
The following link will provide information on the cost of participation in the Roanoke College health and dental insurance plans.

2009 Health/Dental Insurance Deductions

Premium Conversion :
This election allows you to have your health and dental insurance contributions deducted from your paycheck before taxes (enrollment is automatic unless you opt out).

Flexible Spending Accounts:
Flexible spending contributions will be based on a nine-month plan year.  This translates to 9 deductions for monthly employees, 20 deductions for bi-weekly employees and 14 deductions for dining services bi-weekly employees.  Participants will need to consider previous contributions made from January to March when electing the maximum benefit allowed by IRS regulations.  If you need any assistance in calculating your new contribution, please contact Robbie Irvin by emailing or by calling 375-2455.

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account: By choosing to participate in this plan, you elect to have your taxable income reduced by an amount you determine, which is deposited in a spending account for you.  This account may be used to reimburse medical expenses incurred by you or your dependents that are not covered by insurance or other sources. 

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account:  Establishing a Dependent Care FSA allows you to use pre-tax dollars for costs incurred for daycare services for children or for a disabled dependent parent or spouse.

What must you do?

LOG-ON HERE during the open enrollment period from February 23 until March 18, 2009  to complete and submit your benefit elections.

If you need assistance with the Open Enrollment online process, we will have a computer station in the Human Resources department in College Hall and staff will be available to answer questions. If you have questions at any time, please contact the Human Resources Department at 375-2288, 375-2455, or 375-2262 or you may email