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Business Leadership Concentration Checklist

Concentration in Business Leadership Requirements:
BUAD 264 Foundations of Leadership* (BUAD 254, PSYC 250 or perm.) done need
BUAD 364 Team Dynamics (BUAD 254 or PSYC 250) done need
BUAD 374 Conflict Management (BUAD 264) done need
BUAD 464 Advanced Leadership (BUAD 264 and either 364 or 374) done need
Choose two (2) from the following 7 courses:
BUAD 354, PHIL 222, POLI 301
done need
Either PSYC 325 or SOCI 336 done need
Either COMM 220 or COMM 317 done need


*IL 277 Basic Leadership Practices may substitute for BUAD 264.

Prerequisites in parentheses.