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Communication Studies Major Checklist Effective Through July 31, 2015

The Communication Studies major requires 10 units of work as detail below
Required Courses (6 units)
RHET 125 Texts, Rhetoric and Media done need
COMM 101 Introduction to Communication Studies
done need
COMM 250 Communication Theory done need
COMM 350 Research Methods done need
COMM 354 Rhetorical Theory and Criticism done need
COMM 411 Seminar done need
Intermediate (2 units from):
COMM 202 Mass Communication done need
COMM 220 Public Speaking done need
COMM 260 Interpersonal Communication done need
Electives (2 units from):
COMM 301 Special Topics done need
COMM 311 Video Production done need
COMM 317 Professional Communication done need

COMM 319 Journalism

done need
COMM 330 Small Group Communication done need
ENGL  356 Studies in Film (Note:  Film Lab Required) done need
COMM 360 Studies in Intercultural Communication done need
COMM 405, 406, 407 Independent Study done need
COMM 416 Internship done need
COMM 496 Honors Project done need

Students desiring to major in Communication Studies are encouraged to complete their INQ 240 (Statistical Reasoning)  as early as possible.

Communication Studies majors should also plan on taking RHET 125 during their first year.