Roanoke College
Community Response Checklist
All Hazards

Contacting Authorities

         Campus Safety Office 375-2310

         Salem Police, Fire and Rescue 911


         Pull Fire Alarm and Call  911

         Evacuate the building using closest exit.

         Help others to evacuate.

         Do not use elevators

         Do not return to the building until all clear is given by Campus Safety or Fire Department.

Medical Emergency

         Contact Campus Safety - extension 2310

         Give name, location, describe emergency, and number of people injured

         Stay on the phone.

         Contact 911 if injury or illness appears    immediately life threatening.

         Stay on the phone

Severe Weather

         Follow instructions received by Maroon Alert system.

         Check e-mail, local media outlets, and RC web page for campus status.


         Seek safe shelter indoors.

         Shelter in place away from windows.

         If time permits go to the lowest level of building away from windows.

Suspicious Person / Activity

         Contact Campus Safety Immediately at
extension  2310

         Give description of suspicious person.

         Give location or direction of travel of person.

         Stay on the phone with Campus Safety staff.


Active Shooter

         Contact 911 / Campus Safety -  2310

         Follow instructions received by Maroon Alert.

         You will be notified whether to seek safe shelter in place or to evacuate.

Seeking Safe Shelter in your classroom, office, or room  - Securing the area.

         Lock or barricade doors.

         Turn off lights.

         Close blinds / block windows.

         Turn off radios, TVs, and computer monitors.

         Keep occupants calm, quiet and out of sight.

         Keep yourself out of sight and take adequate protection / cover i.e. desks,  file cabinets,
concrete walls.

         Silence cell phone ringers

Un-Securing an Area

         Consider risks before un-securing rooms.

         Attempts to rescue people should only be attempted if it can be done without further endangering persons in a secure area.

         If doubt exists for the safety of people inside a secure room, the area should remain secure.

         Follow instructions of police, Campus Safety
and first responders.

What to Report to Authorities

         Your specific location Building name and
room number.

         Number of people at your location.

         Injuries number of injured and types of
injuries of people at your location.


o   location and number of suspects.

o   Gender / race / physical features

o   Clothing description / backpack

o   Types of weapons if known.

o   Identity of shooter if known.



Maroon Alert - To receive Maroon Alerts via text message on your cellular device and e-mail you can enroll at: