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Education: Visual Arts

Education: Visual Arts (PK-12) Checklist

Licensure Area Requirements
EDUC 210: Principles of Education done need
EDUC 221: Exceptional Student done need
EDUC 242: Instructional Technology done need
EDUC 311: Secondary Curriculum Concepts and Pedagogy done need
EDUC 338: Field-Based Internship/Practicum done need
EDUC 345: Differentiated Classrooms in the Secondary School done need
EDUC 351: Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas, 6-12 done need
EDUC 481: Strategic Classroom Management in the Secondary School (in Block) done need
EDUC 492: Student Teaching, Grades PreK-12 done need
PSYC 215: Child and Adolescent Development done need
TESL 220: Cross-Cultural Learning and Communication: Understanding the Needs of English Language Learners in Elementary Schools done
ART 101: Arts and Crafts in the Schools done need
ARTH 146: Survey of Art History I OR ARTH 150:  Art, Culture & Society I  done need
ARTH 156: Survey of Art History II OR ARTH 151:  Art, Culture & Society II  done need
ART 240: Children and Their Art (at Hollins) done need

Seven additional units as follows:
Two units from the following:
ART 111, 121, 131, 151 done need
done need

One unit from the following:
ART 171 OR 181 done need

Two units from the following:
ART 211, 221, 231, 241, 261, 271, OR 281 done need
done need

Two units from the following:
ART 311, 321, 331, 341, 361, 371, OR 381 done need
done need
Note: Two media must be completed through the advanced (300) level. Media are painting, ceramics, photography, drawing, printmaking, graphic design, and sculpture.
Note: ART 151 is the entry class for ART 241 and ART 261.