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Business Information Systems Concentration

Business Information Systems Concentration Checklist

Concentration in Business Information Systems Requirements:
BUAD 218 Information Systems (BUAD 110, MATH 111 or Equivalent) done need
BUAD 328 Application Development in Business (BUAD 218) done need
BUAD 338 e-Business (BUAD 218) done need
BUAD 368 Decision Support & Intelligent Systems (BUAD 218, INQ 240) done need
BUAD 438 Systems Analysis & Design (BUAD 328) done need
Choose (1) one from the following:
CPSC 310 Topics in Applied Computing (CPSC 170) done need
CPSC 340 Database Systems (CPSC 170) done need
CPSC 365 Software Engineering and Project Design (CPSC 250) done need
CPSC 415 Web Programming (CPSC 250) done need
BUAD 416 Internship done need
CPSC 416 Internship done need


Prerequisites in parentheses.