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Health Care Administration Concentration

Health Care Administration Concentration Checklist

Concentration in Health Care Administration Requirements:
ECON 120 Introduction to Economics (See catalog) OR ECON 121 Microeconomics (None) and ECON 122 Macroeconomics (None) done need
ECON 227 Health Economics (ECON 120 or 121) done need
SOCI 223 Ethics & Medicine (SOCI 101 or INQ 260SO or perm.) done need
SOCI 323 Health, Illness & Healing (one SOCI 200-level course or perm) done need
BUAD 215 Accounting Principles I (None) done need
BUAD 258 Information Systems (BUAD 215 and MATH 111 or Perm.) done need
BUAD 254 Organizational Behavior (None) done need
Choose one (1) from:
BUAD 354 Human Resource Management (BUAD 254 or Perm.) done need
PSYC 250 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PSYC 101) done need
BUAD 416 Internship (See catalog) done need


Prerequisites in parentheses.