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American Politics (students declaring by Spring 2015)

American Politics Minor Checklist

Required Courses: 6 units
Core Courses (3)
POLI 101          Introduction to Political Science done
POLI 250          Public Policy done
POLI 311          American Constitutional Law done
POLI 312          Civil Liberties done
 Electives (3)
POLI 201          State and Local Government done
POLI 202          American Political Behavior done
POLI 205          American Political Institutions done
POLI/CJUS 214  The Judicial Process done
POLI 270          Public Administration done
POLI 351          Environmental Public Policy done
POLI 353          The Making of US Foreign Policy done
Courses from among Political Science 260-262, 395-396, 401, 406, 416, and 495-497 or one from among INQ 260PS, HNRS 260PS, HNRS 301, or INQ 177, 277 or 377 may be substituted when they include topics related to American politics and are approved by the program coordinator.