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Spanish- Minor

Spanish Minor

The minor consists of 6 classes.  Receiving competency for a course does not mean you receive credit for it.  Spanish 300- and 400-level elective courses are used as substitutions for such classes as necessary.
Core Requirements:
SPAN 201   done need
SPAN 202             done need
SPAN 303 Spanish Composition done need
SPAN 304 Spanish Conversation    done need
Choose 1 of the following culture classes:

SPAN 311 Civilization and Culture: Spain
SPAN 312 Civilization and Culture: Spanish America
SPAN 315 Contemporary Issues: Spanish America

done need
Spanish Elective                done need
Spanish Elective Choices:
SPAN 320 Introduction to Literature: Spain done need
SPAN 323 Introduction to Literature: Spanish America done need
SPAN 330 Commercial Spanish done need
SPAN 335 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology done need
SPAN 340 Area Studies in Latin America      done need
SPAN 341 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages  done need
SPAN 377/INQ 377 Intensive Learning done need
SPAN 380 Special Topics in Hispanic Life and Culture done need
SPAN 402 The Structure of Modern Spanish done need
SPAN 403 Translation and Interpretation done need
SPAN 406 Independent Study done need
SPAN 410 Medieval and Golden Age Hispanic Literature done need
SPAN 416 Internship done need
SPAN 420 18th and 19th-Century Hispanic Literature done need
SPAN 430 20th-Century Hispanic Literature done need
SPAN 480 Advanced Studies in Hispanic Language and Culture    done need