Recordings of Events

Dr. Walter Kim

Dr. Walter Kim
Ph.D. Harvard University
President of the National Association of Evangelicals

Lecture on: "Are Evangelicals a Political Movement?"
October 11, 2022


John Walton

Dr. John H. Walton
Ph.D. Hebrew Union College
Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and Graduate School.

Lecture on: "The Lost World of Genesis One and Darwin"
February 12, 2020


William Fintel

William A. Fintel, MD
Blue Ridge Cancer Care

"Cancer Care 2019: An Oncologist’s Surprising Journey"
October 2, 2019


Shon Hopwood

Shon Hopwood
Georgetown University

"Prison, the Supreme Court, and Georgetown Law: An Insider's Report and Reform" 

September 20, 2018

Michael Dejonge smiling

Dr. Robert Benne
Roanoke College
Faith & Learning

"Soul Searching Part I: The Surprising David Bittle & the Ensoulment of Roanoke College"
November 2, 2017

Michael Dejonge smiling

Michael DeJonge
University of South Florida

"Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer"
October 12, 2017

Dr. Rob Benne giving a lecture

Dr. Robert Benne
Director of the Center for Religion and Society, Roanoke College

Faith & Learning: "Ordinary Saints-Luther's Revolutionary Teaching on Vocation"
February 21, 2017

Photo of Dr. Paul Hinlicky

Dr. Paul Hinlicky
Roanoke College

Faith & Learning: "A Life in Conversation with Martin Luther" November 15, 2016

Photo of Dr. Robert Woodberry

Dr. Robert Woodberry, Ph.D.
National University of Singapore

"Ballots from Bibles: The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy"
October 25, 2016

Photo of Dr. Rosalind Picard

Rosalind Picard, Sc.D.
Professor and Director of the Affective Computing Research Group at MIT

"Emotion Tech"
September 20, 2016

Photo of Dr. Simon Chan

Simon Chan
Trinity Theological College, Singapore

"Christ and Folk Religion for Chinese Around the World Today"  
March 18, 2016


International Summit on Human Gene Editing

Dr. Chris Lassiter
Dr. James Peterson
Roanoke College

"International Summit on Human Gene 
Editing: A Global Discussion
An Insider's Report"
February 3, 2016


Photo of Dr. Bethany Sollereder with a hawk

Dr. Bethany Sollereder
Oxford University

"God's Voice in the Dark and Difficult"
November 18, 2015


Photo of Dr. Alan Padgett

Dr. Alan Padgett
Luther Seminary

Dr. Alan Padgett on Paul Hinlicky's Beloved Community,
with a response from Dr. Hinlicky
October 8, 2015


Photo of Dr. Arne Sorenson

Arne Sorenson 
CEO Marriott Corporation 

"Public Company Leadership: Speak Up or Hold Back?"
September 21, 2015 


Dr. Thomas Farr giving a speech

Thomas F. Farr, Ph.D.
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

"The Missing Key to More Effective U.S. Diplomacy: Religious Liberty"
February 9, 2015


Dr. John Inazu giving a speech

John Inazu, JD, Ph.D.
Washington University School of Law

"The Meaning of the 2014 Elections"
with Kirsten Powers
November 19, 2014


Photo of Dr. Michael Hakkenburg

Dr. Michael Hakkenberg
Roanoke College

"Voices of the 16th Century (and maybe the 21st): On Vocation, Calling, and Service"
October 6, 2014

Dr. Jennifer Wiseman giving a speech

Jennifer Wiseman, Ph.D. Astronomer
Director of the AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion

"The AAAS DOSER Project"
September 24, 2014


Photo of Dr. Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura

"Art as a Christian Vocation"
January 21, 2014


Team Logo

Bill Fintel, MD
Anne Carlisle, RPh Pharm
Andrea LeGault, PT
Mark Graham, DMin

"Working Together for the Good of the Patient"
October 1, 2013


Dr. Jonathan Reckford giving a speech

Jonathan Reckford
Chief Executive Officer, Habitat for Humanity 

"Working Together to Build Homes, Communities and Hope"
September 3, 2013
Roanoke College Lecture Video (to be added)


Rick Steves giving a speech

Rick Steves
Travel Author and Television Personality

"A Calling to Travel"
March 12, 2013


Photo of David Gushee

David Gushee 
Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics
Director, Center for Theology and Public Life
Mercer University

"The Meaning of the 2012 Elections" 
with Stephen Hayes
November 13, 2013

Photo of Dr. Robert Milet

Dr. Robert Millet
Professor of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University

Dr. Gerald McDermott, Dr. Robert Benne
Dr. Harry Wilson, 
Roanoke College

"A Mormon President? Religious & Political Perspectives"
September 14, 2012


Robert Benne giving a speech

Robert Benne
Director of the Center for Religion and Society, Roanoke College

"Long Obedience in the Same Direction"
March 29, 2012

Photo of Michael McClymond

Michael McClymond
Associate Professor
Saint Louis University

"Jonathan Edwards and the Future of Global Christianity"
February 10, 2012 


Jean Bethke Elshtain giving a speech

Jean Bethke Elshtain
Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics
University of Chicago Divinity School
Member of the President's Council on Bio-Ethics

"The Blessings and Burdens of a Christian Political Philosopher" 
March 31, 2011


Photo of Charles and Helen Schumann, James Peterson, and Fritz Oehlschlaeger

Pictured are Charles and Helen Schumann, donors for the Schumann Chair in Christian Ethics. Next to them are James Peterson, holder of the Schummann Chair, and Fritz Oehlschlaeger, Professor of English at Virginia Tech. The latter two lectured at a Symposium held at Roanoke College's Antrim Chapel on November 10 entitled: The Promise and Peril of Bio-Technological Advance.

Photo of Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn

Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn 
Boston Hebrew College

Dr. Gerald McDermott
Roanoke College

"What Can Jews and Christians Learn from Each Other?"
January 27, 2011 in Antrim Chapel


Photo of George Weigel

George Weigel
Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center Washington, DC

"The Meaning of Pope John Paul II for Church and World," 
October 26, 2010

Photo of M. Roy Schwarz

M. Roy Schwarz, MD
Senior Vice President of Medical Education and Science
American Medical Association

"Faith, the Ongoing Miracle for a Physician"
March 25, 2010

Dr. Robert Benne, Dr. Paul Hinlicky, Dr. Gerald McDermott at a panel

Dr. Robert Benne, Dr. Paul Hinlicky
Dr. Gerald McDermott, Dr. Ned Wisnefske
Roanoke College

Symposium-"Does Theology Belong in the Academy?"
January 27, 2010

Judge Humes Franklin, Jr. in front of a bookshelf

Judge Humes Franklin, Jr.
Chief Judge of the 25th Circuit Court of Virginia

"Whether Judges and Lawyers Too Can Be Saved" 
April 2, 2009

Photo of John Stackhouse

John Stackhouse
Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology
Regent College, Vancouver, BC

"Beer, Poetry, Prayer, Dishwashing and Work: CS Lewis's Approach to Life"
February 20, 2009

Carl Braaten giving a speech

Carl Braaten
Professor of Theology Emeritus
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

"Public Theology, the Lutheran Contribution, and Christian Higher Education" 
In honor of Dr. Robert Benne's new festschriftA Report from the Front Lines
January 30, 2009

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Photo of Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of Virginia

"Why Marriage Matters" 
November 11, 2008


Father Richard John Neuhaus speaking

Father Richard John Neuhaus
Catholic Priest and Author 

"Moral Issues and Political Choices" 
October 9, 2008


Harry Stout giving a speech

Harry Stout
Jonathan Edwards Professor
Yale University 

"The Religion of Jamestown" 
October 5, 2007


Photo of John Witte

John Witte
Director, Emory University Center for the Study of Law and Religion 

"Separation of Church and State - Facts, Fictions, and Future Challenges" 
September 17, 2007 


Photo of Bishop Tom Wright

Bishop Tom (Dr. N.T.) Wright
Bishop of Durham in the Church of England

"Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?"
March 16, 2007


Photo of Mark Noll

Mark Noll
Wheaton College 

"The Explosion of Christianity in the Global South" 
March 24, 2006 in Antrim Chapel

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Photo of Gilbert Meilaender

Gilbert Meilaender
Professor of Theology
Valparaiso University

"Ethics at the End of Life - after Schiavo" 
September 23, 2005

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Photo of Dr. Robert Millet

Dr. Robert Millet
Brigham Young University
Dr. Gerald McDermott
Roanoke College

A public conversation on "The Mormon Jesus" 
September 20, 2005 

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