Slovak Program

The Benne Center has a rewarding history of interchange and work with churches and universities in the Slovak Republic.  Last year a research project with eight professors in Slovakia resulted in both a book titled Christian Churches in Post-Communist Slovakia: Current Challenges and Opportunities and in conference dissemination. The Benne Center director is now the coordinator and editor for an even larger project with eighteen faculty members from the Slovak and Czech Republics (project details). The resulting book and conference will be on the insights of Soren Kierkegaard for the relation there of Church and State.

Professor Valco gives a book to the U.S. ambassador to the Slovak Republic, Theodore Sedgwick

Professor Michal Valco of Zilina University presents a copy of 
Christian Churches in Post-Communist Slovakia  
to the United States Ambassador to the Slovak Republic, 
the honorable Mr. Theodore Sedgwick