Research Projects

The Center for Studying Structures of Race will sustain three research projects led by student and faculty researchers.  Each project will address questions that overlap with the work of the center.

Memorials and Monuments

The Memorials and Monuments project will carry out research about forms of public commemoration linked to the history of slavery and its aftermaths.  In addition to conducting research on specific monuments, this study will support efforts to create new memorials related to the legacies of slavery. 

Genealogy of Slavery

The Genealogy of Slavery project focuses on the specific history of slavery at Roanoke College and the surrounding region.  This research will attempt to identify the enslaved people whose labor helped build the college.  Moreover, the project will supplement efforts to think about the epistemic genealogy of Roanoke College, and the role that slavery and institutional racism have played in shaping our college. 

On the Arts

The On the Arts project emphasizes the importance of displaying, evaluating, and viewing works of art that speak to questions of race and structural racism.  Student researchers will help prepare exhibits and act as docents.