Admissions Coronavirus FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions related to Admissions and Transfer students Updated July 9

Transferring to Roanoke College during COVID-19

My College is offering an option to utilize a Pass/Fail grading system for my Spring 2020 semester courses.  Will Roanoke College accept a Pass/Fail grade?
Roanoke College will accept P/F grades to determine both acceptance to the College and to award transfer credit.  Whether as a transfer student or a high school dually enrolled student, a P+ will count as a C grade and toward credit. A grade of P- will be considered a D grade and will not be awarded credit.

Will a P+ grade affect my Roanoke College grade point average?
In keeping with our transfer policy, when credits transfer in toward your Roanoke College degree, they transfer without a grade. Therefore, your Roanoke College grade point average will be built by using only the courses you take here. Your P+ grades will not affect your Roanoke gpa.

How will I register for classes with the campus closed?
Incoming transfer students will meet remotely (FaceTime, zoom, phone etc.) with an academic advisor to schedule and register for classes.  Faculty and academic advisors continue to work closely with students during this difficult time.

How do I learn more about transferring to Roanoke in general?
We have a webpage specifically dedicated to transfer students. You'll find answers here to the most common questions transfer students have.  If you don't see your question, don't be shy—call us at 800-388-2276 or send us an email