On behalf of Roanoke College students, thank you for making a difference!

Every fall and spring, a team of dedicated, energetic Roanoke students contact alumni, family, and friends of the College. They are excited to share campus news, upcoming events and the many ways your generosity helps students.

One of our Students holding a sign that reads, "I am thankful for Roanoke Donors"student callers may contact you on
behalf of the Roanoke Fund, and we hope that
you will answer the call.

The Roanoke Fund is the one fund that benefits all students, regardless of their majors, activities, or interests. 

Your gifts to the Roanoke Fund help provide...

  • student scholarships for those with the greatest need
  • library resources
  • classroom technology and lab equipment
  • study abroad opportunities
  • research project support
  • a beautiful campus
  • faculty and staff, and the ability to operate campus
  • and so much more!

Please show students your school spirit and encourage them as they work for Roanoke!

Don't have time to talk? You can still support the Roanoke Fund.

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Thank you for your commitment to Roanoke College students!
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