2000 Conference

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First Annual Institute, 2000

Theme: Engaged Reading
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Donna Alvermann, University of Georgia
Dr. John Guthrie, University of Maryland
Author: Ms. Karen Adams Sulkin
Technology Consultant: Ms. Suzanne Bazak
Dates: June 26-28, 2000

Headshot of Dr. John GuthrieThe first annual Margaret Sue Copenhaver Institute for Teaching and Learning was held June 26 - 28, 2000, on the Roanoke College campus. Thirty-seven full-time residential institute participants attended. This group included K-12 teachers, administrators, librarians, reading specialists, Roanoke College students, and a faculty member from Longwood College. Eight public school divisions were represented (listed sequentially per number of participants): Roanoke City, Franklin County, Roanoke County, City of Salem, Botetourt County, Craig County, Montgomery County, and Halifax County. In addition to full time participants, a number of professional colleagues from neighboring colleges and universities attended one or more sessions across the course of the three-day institute. Institutions represented were Hollins University, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and Longwood College. Many of these individuals served as breakout speakers and discussion leaders for small groups at various points during the institute. We were also privileged to have Dr. and Mrs. David Gring, Mrs. Helen Hanes, and Miss Margaret Sue Copenhaver with us on June 26, 2000, as well as several administrative representatives from our local advisory council. Cumulatively, approximately 65 individuals participated in the institute.

Institute Events:
Based upon the recommendations of our advisory council, the institute offered a range of activities and events. These included keynote sessions, roundtable discussions with keynote speakers, technology workshops, grade-level specific breakout sessions, literature discussion groups, a children's author, and practical application work sessions. In addition to these events, participants also interacted over meals, during coffee breaks, at a wine and cheese reception, and throughout their stay in campus dormitories.

Participants were provided with a common text, Engaged Reading by John Guthrie and Donna Alvermann, and were asked to read it prior to their attendance at the institute. The authors of this text addressed the institute. To provide a connected focus across institute events, all breakout session speakers and small group leaders were also provided with a copy of the text and invited to a workshop in May during which themes from the text were discussed. Subsequently, the topics and issues addressed in their sessions emerged from the theories and practices presented in the text.