Week-Long Exploration

Spend a week on campus, working with Roanoke College faculty on a topic you're passionate about. Choose to participate in the coursework only, or opt to live in residence halls where you can get a taste of additional college life programming. 

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2019 Summer Academy Course Descriptions

Outdoor Adventure - July 8-12

Explore the area’s bounty of outdoor recreation opportunities, learn about the health and human performance aspects of outdoor adventures, and gain leadership training and experience.

Video Game Development - July 8-12

Learning to program video games gives students practice analyzing complex problems and creating innovative solutions. The games that are created can be played on mobile devices or computers, so it is easy to share your creations with friends and family.

Sports Math - July 8-12

The book and movie Moneyball introduced many to the use of mathematical analysis in sports. In this course, students will learn the basics of sports analytics for a variety of sports. This knowledge will be applied to complete a project analyzing an aspect of a sport chosen by the class.

Storytelling - July 8-12
Students will learn how to tell stories that captivate an audience. The course will cover the key elements of effective storytelling: characters, world-building, and narrative voice. After studying examples of fiction and creative nonfiction, students will write and revise their own stories.

Theology for Teens - July 28-August 3

Come and discover a sense of mission and become equipped with theological tools to help you to meet the challenges facing the church today.