For Retailers and Manufacturers

Approval Process for Retailers and Manufacturers

1. Apply to be an official licensee by contacting Roanoke College Licensing at

2. Complete the Roanoke College Licensing Agreement

3. Submit your product idea(s)

4. Submit artwork you wish to use for approval making sure you follow the guidelines

Common Mistakes that Will Lead to Artwork Disapproval

1. Failure to follow guidelines for college or athletic logos

2. Obscure the logo or change it completely
Any Roanoke College logo needs to be completely unaltered if you wish to use it. When used in art, logos shouldn't be covered up or obscured in any way.

3. Leave out the ® or TM mark.
That ® or TM marks might seem small to you, but they are very important. It states that the logos are entities of Roanoke College and permission must be granted in order to use them. Please make sure you do not accidentally exclude it while designing your art for submission.

4. Omit the white rule around the logo
The white rule makes the maroon in the logo stand out from a dark background. Omitting it is incorrect and can make the logo illegible.

5. Using vulgar language or associating Rooney with drugs, sex, or alcohol
No vulgarity may be used on any product with any Roanoke College trademark or logo, nor may any language or images of questionable taste be used with them. The issue of taste will be determined by the Roanoke College Public Relations Office. Rooney is associated with Roanoke College so no references to drugs, sex, or alcohol can be used in conjunction with him or any other Roanoke College logo. No alcohol or drug paraphernalia are permitted. Don't even ask; they will not be considered.