Business Information Systems

Information Systems use the tools, techniques and concepts of various disciplines, such as computer science, management science and organizational behavior in determining the needs of an organization.

With computer technology, you'll be able to apply these resources to find a solution to a wide range of business problems.

We offer a concentration in business information systems.

Not just a number

Mateo Cadavid"At RC, I was more than just a number on a professor's roster so I was able to develop and improve my communication skills," Mateo Cadavid '15 said. Cadavid graduated with a business administration major and two concentrations, one in accounting and the other in business information systems. He landed a job with the accounting operations department at Norfolk Southern Corporation just after graduation and he's now in the company's management training program. 

Sample Course Offerings:

  • BUAD 218: Information SystemsPhoto of laptops and notebooks
  • BUAD 338: e-Business
  • BUAD 438: System Analysis & Design 

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Certificate program gives students edge with Fortune 500 companies

Logo for SASRoanoke College offers a unique two-year certificate program that teaches students software skills attractive to top companies around the world.
It's called the Data and Econometric Analysis Joint Certificate Program with SAS, which stands for Statistical Analysis Software. The program teaches students to use SAS software, which is employed by major businesses and government institutions, including 93 of the top 100 listed on the 2014 Fortune Global 500, according to SAS. It provides the kind of real world learning that students need to compete for top jobs. SAS is a key word on resumes and is likely to draw immediate attention from employers. Jay Laramore'10, an analytical training consultant at SAS, helped Roanoke economics professor, Dr. Allie Kassens, implement the certificate program. "I think Roanoke could be a model on how to do it," said Laramore, explaining that SAS instruction typically is offered in graduate-level programs.