MBA – Path for Non-Business Administration Majors

For students who do not plan to pursue a Business Administration degree but are interested in pursuing the Master of Business Administration (MBA), student applicants will need to complete the following courses to prepare for the first course of the MBA program, BUAD 499 – Business Policy.   

Required courses:

  • ECON 121 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • BUAD 110 – Business Connections
  • BUAD 205 – Accounting for Decision-Making
  • BUAD 254 – Organizational Behavior
  • BUAD 233 – Marketing Management
  • BUAD 342 – Corporate Finance
    • Successful completion of an Excel competency module is required prior to entrance into BUAD 342
  • An approved research methods course

Note:  Completion of the required course load also earns students an undergraduate “Management Concentration”

In addition to the required coursework, all student applicants will need to take the Major Field Test (MFT) in Business Administration prior to being admitted into BUAD 499 – Business Policy.  The MFT is offered in December each year for interested candidates.


Mr. Tyler Wertman '20
Transfer & Graduate Student Recruitment Coordinator

Mrs. Sharon Gibbs
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Student Engagement
Associate Professor
MBA Program Coordinator