Requirements for Public History

Students in any major interested in developing a specialization in Public History may earn a concentration in Public History by successfully completing (with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0) at least six units. Of these, three units must be from the list of core courses, two units from the list of electives, and one unit must be a capstone Independent Study, Internship, or Practicum approved by the concentration's coordinator.

Students may count courses from the list of core courses capstone courses as electives. Students may take two discrete internships units; one internship unit to satisfy the core requirement and a second internship unit for the required capstone. Any course listing that is followed by "*" must be approved by the concentration coordinator.

I. Core Courses (3 units) 

1. One history survey course (from the following) (1 unit): 
a. HIST 110 Ancient World 
b. HIST 120 Medieval World 
c. HIST 130 Early Modern World 
d. HIST 140 Modern World 
e. HIST 200 United States History 

2. Required concentration course (1 unit):
a. HIST 205 Introduction to Public History

3. Required Internship (1 unit):
a. HIST 415, 416, 417 Internship

II. Electives (2 units)

ANTH/ARTH/HIST 218 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 310 Ethnography
ANTH 380 Creating Community Change: Applied Anthropology
ARTH 224 Encyclopedic Museum and Archaeological Ethics
ARTH 276 Arts of the U.S. 8 ARTH 291 Special Topics*
ARTH 296 Global Contemporary Art and Architecture
ENSC 270 Geographic Information Systems
HIST 206 Historical Archaeology
HIST 207 American Material Culture
HIST 208 Archaeology of Slavery
HIST 290 Special Topics* 
HIST 390 Issues in Public History
HIST 490 Research Seminar*
THEA 125 Stagecraft
THEA 275 Costume Construction
THEA 375 Costume Design for the Stage

Special topics courses, HIST 300-level courses, IL courses, Intellectual Inquiry and Honors courses may apply toward the concentration when applicable and with the permission of the concentration coordinator.

III. Required Capstone (1 unit)

ARTH 420 Exhibition Practicum
HIST 401 Archives Practicum
HIST 402 Historical Journal Editing Practicum
HIST 403 Museum Practicum
HIST 404 Library Practicum
HIST 405, 406, 407 Independent Studies*
HIST 408 Public History Practicum
HIST 415, 416, 417 Internship
HIST 495, 496, 497 Honors Project*