Real-world Learning

Through real-world learning, your plan comes to life.

Research, Internships, creative projects, service work, and study away-all help you take your passion out into the world. Nine out of 10 students participate; some, again and again. In these important experiences, you'll put knowledge into practice, develop useful skills, kick-start your network, and put muscle in your resume. You'll see how your plan will unfold, and be ready to launch a life you want.

From research to internship to career in marine biology

A female student being kissed by a dolphin

"I've been passionate about marine life for as long as I can remember, but Roanoke has pushed me in the right direction to find a job doing what I love," biology major Heather Duvall '13 said.

After graduation, Dr. Rachel Collins recommended Duvall for a very competitive internship with the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program, which led Duvall to work with pregnant dolphins. She even witnessed the birth of a dolphin calf. After two internships with the U.S. Navy, Duvall is now heading to a position as a trainer at the Texas State Aquarium, where she'll work with dolphins and otters.

94% of Roanoke students participate in real-world learning experiences before they graduate.

A female student brushing a horse at a ranch


Get a taste for a career. Gain practical skills and knowledge. Make valuable connections. We can help you get internships in the Roanoke area and in cities around the country.

A smiling roanoke college student sitting with children at an orphanage

Service work

Make a difference. Develop your leadership abilities. Show you care. Dozens of local organizations want you on their team.

Smiling group of female students standing in front of the Taj Mahal in India

Study away

Open your mind. Experience other cultures. Hone your language skills. We can arrange study abroad in over 50 countries through Roanoke-led study, affiliate programs and the International Student Exchange Program.

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Creative works

Make a statement. Stretch your thinking. Give voice to your best ideas. Creative projects can develop your capacity for innovation, show you how to influence others and build an impressive portfolio of work.

Two smiling females standing in front of an abroad city

Intensive learning (May Term)

Delve deeply into a topic you care about. Immerse yourself fully. Learn through interviews, fieldwork, simulations. We offer intensive learning programs on and off campus, in the U.S. and abroad.

A smiling female doing an experiement in a science lab


Explore what fascinates you. Work one-on-one with professors. Demonstrate your ability to do graduate-level work as an undergraduate. Roanoke professors are always eager to set up research projects for inquiring minds.

Over 1,000 amazing learning experiences each year

“I think my internship has helped me more than I expected. I'm making contacts, planning, organizing and learning to communicate more professionally.”

Maggie Hedrick ‘14

We find serious places for you to intern

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