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Meet Admissions

Brenda Porter Poggendorf, Ph.D., '81

Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

Elise Bennett '99

Associate Director of Admissions & Director of International Recruitment 

Territory: Alabama, American Students Abroad, International Students, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Vermont, and West of the Mississippi (excluding Colorado)

Valerie A. Collignon

Associate Director of Admissions 

Territory: Richmond & Out-of-State Transfers

Andrew Feeney '16

Admissions Counselor

Territory: Tidewater

Rebecca Guynn

Assistant Director of Admissions

Territory: Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Patricia LeDonne

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Territory: Extended Roanoke Valley, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan & Wisconsin

Courtney McHenry '14

Assistant Director of Admissions

Territory: Delaware, New Jersey & New York

Andrew Miles '15

Admissions Counselor

Territory: Central Virginia & Pennsylvania

Courtney Penn

Director of Recruitment 

Territory: North Carolina & Roanoke Valley (Botetourt Co., Roanoke Co., and Salem)

MacKenzie Tyree '14

Admissions Counselor

Territory: Colorado, Florida, Roanoke Valley (excluding Botetourt Co., Roanoke Co., and Salem), South Carolina, Tennessee & Georgia

Benjamin Weckstein '13

Admissions Counselor

Territory: Northern Virginia & Washington, D.C.

Kevin Zimmerman

Associate Director of Admissions

Territory: Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio & West Virginia