Enrollment Tasks

Account Information

1.  Account Information is sent by postal mail starting in February

  • The same password is used in all systems
  • **This is different than your Admissions Account*

2.  Set up Multi-Factor Authentication

  • You will need this to access all of your RC accounts
  • Make sure to use your own personal contact information for authentication!

3.  Regularly check Your Roanoke College email!  

  • As you complete enrollment tasks, you will recieve confirmation emails to your RC email account
  • Download the Outlook app, configure your RC email, and turn on notifications

Click the Tabs Below for full list of Enrollment Tasks

Be Ready! - Due June 1, 2023

Complete all three sections of the Annual Enrollment Profile  www.roanoke.edu/AEProfile 

Here We Go! - Due August 25, 2023

Helpful Links!

Academic Calendar - www.roanoke.edu/registrar 

Students with Disabilities - www.roanoke.edu/aes

Interested in an On-Campus Job - https://roanoke.joinhandshake.com (accounts activated July 10)

Information Technology - www.roanoke.edu/it 

Residence Life - www.roanoke.edu/reslife 

Health Services - www.roanoke.edu/shcs 

Consider granting person proxy for parent/guardian access to academic and/or financial records - https://www.roanoke.edu/personproxy 

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