Student Staff Application

Join the Orientation Staff and Welcome the Class of 2023!

We are looking for current students that are eager to share their enthusiasm for the college with incoming students and their families.  Orientation staff serve as mentors, resources and role models for New Maroons.  They take the responsibility of representing all things Roanoke College and sharing RC pride with over 550 new students!

Orientation staff consists of three different student positions:  Orientation Leaders (OL), Head Orientation Leaders (HOL), and Peer Mentors (PM).  Orientation Leaders and Peer Mentors are placed into pairs.  Each pair is assigned to an Orientation Group (OGroup) of New Maroons.

Qualifications of all orientation staff:

  • Each staff member must intend to be a student at Roanoke College and in Salem for the entire 2019 - 2020 academic year.
  • Previous experience in leadership/mentoring positions
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of the college, its academic standards, and resources for students
  • Complete the entire hiring process

Expectations of all orientation staff:

  • Attend and actively participate in all trainings, orientation sessions and other dates of service.
  • Serve as a mentor and role model to incoming students.
  • Work as a team with other orientation staff and professional staff.
  • Participate and assist with the organization, preparation and implementation of Orientation.
  • Provide customer service to orientation guests by answering questions, providing directions, etc.
  • Facilitate group discussions and activities.
  • Abide by and reinforce the college policies and state laws.
  • Demonstrate the ability to be reliable, responsible, helpful and flexible.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work and communicate effectively with a diverse group of people.
  • Show respect for others and a willingness to appreciate others' views.
  • Exhibit a desire to learn about the college.

Student Staff Job Descriptions

Orientation Leader Job Description
OL's will assist New Maroons from Move-In Day until classes begin.  This includes moving into the residence halls, leading small groups, and attending orientation events.  This leadership role is imperative to the first impression and initial transition to Roanoke College.  They will be paid $250 for their time.

Head Orientation Leader Job Description
HOL's will lead their peers by example.  HOLs will be in charge of 10-12 OLs which will make up 5-6 OGroups from Move In Day until classes begin.  This leadership position may not be in charge of an OGroup, but will fill in and participate when necessary.  They will assist OLs with any problems and attend all events.  Applicants must have strong problem solving skills and an ability to think on their feet.  They will be paid $300 for their time.

Peer Mentor Job Description
Peer Mentors serve as one of two orientation leaders with an OGroup during orientation, then they provide additional support and mentoring throughout the fall semester, building close relationships with the incoming new students.  They will work with the INQ instructor to ensure mentees receive academic support and connection to the appropriate resources necessary for success.  One must demonstrate good communication skills, leadership potential, self motivation, and a desire to help their peers succeed.  This is a paid position and will require full  participation in orientation, 2-4 hours per week in the fall semester, as well as, paid training.  Peer Mentors will be compensated $250 for the orientation week.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in welcoming new students to Roanoke College!
The application process is in four parts.

  1. Online Application (Link will be added in January 2019)
  2. Resume emailed to Resumes should include: prior work experience, internships, part-time or summer work, as well as your current campus activities, and awards received. 
  3. Faculty or Staff (Link will be added in January 2019)
  4. Interview (dates TBA)

Application and Resume Deadline: date TBA
Recommendations Deadline: date TBA
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Hint:  All students should feel confident about their resume.  If you need assistance creating one, editing a draft, or updating an older one, please contact The Office of Career Services at to make an appointment with a Peer Career Advisor.

Faculty or Staff Recommendations

Dear Roanoke Faculty or Staff,

A student has applied for a position on the Orientation Staff and asked you to complete a Recommendation Form in support of their application.  Follow the link below to complete the step.  Your insight and feedback is valuable!  Please note, for the student's application to be considered for the position, this Recommendation Form has a TBA deadline.

Recommendation Link

Thank you,

Kelly Dalaski
Coordinator of Student Orientation & Development