FAQs on Academic Progress or Reinstatement

What are Roanoke's Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements?

If you are interested in Roanoke College's Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for continuance of Financial Aid, click here.

Are there any GPA requirements that I must meet in order to keep my grants/scholarships each year?

In order to be academically eligible to received financial assistance from federal, state or college programs, students must be degree-seeking and making satisfactory academic progress in their course of study. If a student fails to maintain this required status by the end of the academic year, then their financial aid file must be reviewed individually and adjusted accordingly.

Will I loose all of my aid if I don't make the grades?

The majority of students who find themselves in this situation will not lose their entire scholarship or grant. Normally, they will only lose a percentage, which is based on a required GPA for that particular award.

How do I know what the requirements are for my particular award?

Students are notified of these SAP requirements their freshmen year when they receive and are required to sign a copy of their financial aid award letter. This policy is also outlined in the College's student handbook.

What happens if I am placed on Academic Warning or Suspension?

Students who are placed on Academic Warning or suspension can jeopardize their financial aid, like their academic standing. However, in either situation, the Financial Aid Office will never decrease a student's award package without written notification.

Does Roanoke allow student's to appeal lost aid?

Yes. Students who have reductions in aid and wish to appeal can direct an appeals letter to the Financial Aid Office. Only compelling non-academic reasons will be considered.