Mission & Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alumni Association and the Alumni Executive Council is to involve as many alumni as possible in satisfying relationships in the life of Roanoke College, and to build strong connections to our community, region and the world. The mission is to encourage generations of alumni to support Roanoke College with their time, talents and resources.

Each chapter serves to unite alumni in an organization that is mutually beneficial to both the individual and Roanoke College. The alumni chapter should provide strong support for Roanoke College through such projects as the Alumni Admissions Program, Alumni Career Assistance and Alumni Networking Program, and fundraising for the Roanoke Fund. An alumni chapter should have a positive effect on Roanoke College. Chapter leadership should strive to accomplish annual goals or objectives that meet the general purposes for which the chapters were established. Chapter officers and directors should assess annually the role of their alumni chapter and establish goals and objectives that further the aims of the organization.

Purpose Statement

The Roanoke College Alumni Association's objectives shall be to promote the welfare of Roanoke College by:

  • Encouraging the alumnus/alumna, as an individual, to assume a full measure of responsibility for the progress of the College and to promote the spirit of alma mater;
  • Providing the leadership and the means for the alumni to unite in their efforts to support and strengthen the College;
  • Working closely with the Board of Trustees and the Administration of the College to achieve unity of purpose and activity;
  • Disseminating information that will keep the alumni well-informed about the College and the Association;
  • Establishing efficient class, chapter and club organizations that carry out the objectives of the Association;
  • Assisting in raising funds for the improvement of the College;
  • Encouraging qualified, desirable students to apply for admission to the College;
  • Establishing viable career networking opportunities;
  • Making recommendations through its officers to the Board of Trustees concerning matters essential to the College's welfare.