Development, Alumni, Community Programs & Public Relations Staff

Headshot of Peggy Akers

Peggy Akers 
Administrative Assistant - VP for Resource Development 
(540) 375-2230

Headshot of Whitney Anderson

Whitney Anderson
Internet Communications Manager
(540) 375-2241

Headshot of Libby Camper

Libby B. Camper
Assistant Director of Campaign & Volunteer Relations
Resource Development

Headshot of Jaina Diotalevi

Jaina Diotalevi '11
Associate Director of Alumni & Family Relations
(540) 375-2075

Heather Divers headshot

Heather Divers
Associate Director of Foundation & Donor Relations
(540) 375-2041

Kelly Dubell headshot; on the front quad

Kelly Dubell '14
Coordinator of Alumni & Family Relations
(540) 375-2074

Steve Esworthy headshot

Steve Esworthy
Director of Development
(540) 375-2028

James France headshot

James France
Print Communications
(540) 375-2236

Aaron Fetrow headshot

Aaron L. Fetrow
Vice President of Resource Development & Student Affairs
(540) 375-2592

Blair Garland headshot

Blair Garland
Director of College Marketing
(540) 375-2468

Teresa Gereaux headshot

Teresa Gereaux, APR
Director of Public Relations
(540) 375-2282

Kevin Hallmark headshot

Kevin Hallmark
Director of Research and Prospect Management
(540) 375-2232

Nella Hamm headshot

Nella B. Hamm
Coordinator of Planned & Major Gifts Program
(540) 375-2483

Suzanne Hiner headshot

Suzanne W. Hiner
Director of the Roanoke Fund
(540) 375-2088

Shirlann Jones headshot

Shirlann S. Jones
Coordinator of Development Records  
(540) 375-2239

Alice Lawrence headshot

Alice S. Lawrence
Director of Development Operations
(540) 375-2062

Sharon Nanz headshot; on the back quad

Sharon Nanz
Public Relations Assistant
(540) 375-2244

Richard Poggendorf headshot

Richard Poggendorf
Director of Gift Planning
(540) 375-2043

Teresa Quinn headshot

Teresa E. Quinn
Assistant to the AVP for Development
(540) 375-5233

Erin Reid headshot

Erin Walker Reid '12 
Coordinator for Gifts Management 
(540) 375-2234 

Tanya Ridpath headshot

Tanya Ridpath 
Director of Community Programs 
(540) 375-2323

Brenna Sullivan headshot

Brenna Sullivan
Assistant Director of the Roanoke Fund
(540) 375-2268

Leslie Taylor headshot

Leslie Taylor
College Editor
(540) 375-2325


Mary Grace Theodore headshot

Mary Grace Theodore
Assistant Vice President for Resource Development 
& Campaign Director
(540) 375-2487

Sally Walker headshot

Sally Walker
Director of Special Events
(540) 375-2074 

Jack Williams headshot

Jack Williams
Director of Regional Programs
(540) 375-2484