Computing Allocation Process (CAP)

What is CAP

The IT Division has developed the CAP, which will help ensure that requests for technology equipment and software are properly prioritized and allocated in a timely fashion. The overall goal for the CAP is to enable the College to more effectively plan for technology expenditures and special requests while ensuring all divisions on campus are receiving equipment and software that is supported by the College and by the IT Division. We also want to make certain that College funds are being used to get the best prices and quality available.


  1. To assist Roanoke College Faculty & Staff in requesting the technology equipment needs within their division, for which funding is not available.
  2. To provide Roanoke College Faculty & Staff a place in which they can request technology equipment for which they already have funding available.

Request Types

  • Un-Funded Request

    • The two technology committees on campus receive these requests and prioritize them. After that, the IT division works through the prioritized list based on available funding, which will change from year-to-year. The "Academic Computer Advisory Group" (ACAG) prioritizes requests made by faculty (academic-related requests). The "Data Management Team" (DMT) prioritizes requests made by staff (administrative-related requests).
    • The timing for un-funded requests is based on an annual cycle, defined by the Dean's Office. However, requests can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Requests being made for the next academic year are due no later than February 1st. During the months of February & March, the governing committees will evaluate and prioritize the requests based on the strategic goals of the College. During the months of April & May, Information Technology will review requests and obtain additional information from submitters as needed. During the summer months, the technology will be implemented, with the goal of all requests being fulfilled before the academic year begins in late-August.
  • Funded Request

    • These requests are typically for things such as additional software licenses, computers, laptops, or special equipment such as phones or printers. With funded requests, a Roanoke College budget account number is to be provided at the time the request is submitted. Funding requests can be submitted anytime. The IT Division will process the request as quickly as possible and contact you with any questions and to coordinate delivery and installation.

CAP Request Form

For questions or concerns please contact:

Mr. Jacob A. Jackson
Director of IT Business Services