Coronavirus FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Updated July 9

Student credit adjustments

The following FAQs are provided to assist you in understanding the overall credit adjustment process. If you have additional questions after reviewing the information below, please contact the Business Office at We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. For more insight behind our decision-making, you can read this letter from Vice President of Business Affairs David Mowen.

Will I receive a credit for unused Room and Board Charges?
Yes. Residential students who were required to leave campus early because of the COVID-19 pandemic will automatically receive a credit on their student account. No further action is required on your part. The amount of the credit varies by meal plan and selected residence hall, but generally represents 50% of the semester charge reduced by a share of the ongoing fixed costs funded by room and board charges. (Examples of these fixed costs include wages and benefits necessary to retain our valued dining and residence halls employees, as well as debt service and other costs.)

For example, students with the 19-meal plan who live in a standard double will receive an account adjustment credit of $2,280.

What if I am a commuter student and selected a meal plan?
Commuter students who selected a meal plan will also receive an account adjustment credit for the unused portion of their fees.

When will I receive my credit adjustment?
Credits will be applied to your student account by Thursday, April 16. If students had a balance outstanding on their account, the credit will go toward that balance. The Business Office will begin processing refunds to graduating seniors over the next two weeks.

How do I request a refund?
If you prefer to receive a refund instead of carrying forward the credit for future year charges, please submit a Refund Request and it will be processed within two weeks.

Graduating seniors will automatically receive a refund disbursement of any remaining credit balance, including unspent Maroon Money.

Can my refund be deposited in my bank account through direct deposit?
If the refund will be made to the student then it is beneficial, for fastest processing, to have a bank account entered for Reimbursements & Refunds. Students may do this online in Self Service by the following steps. 

  1.       Log in Self Service - click Banking 
  2.       Add Account
  3.       Enter routing number and bank account number
  4.       Confirm numbers and designate for Reimbursement & Refunds
  5.       Submit
  6.       Verification will occur when processed (nothing more is required from the student)

What about funds on my Maroon Card?
All unused Maroon Money or Dining Dollars on your Maroon Card will remain available for use in the 2020-21 academic year. Graduating seniors will receive an automatic refund of remaining funds, and the College will waive all normal processing fees.

Will I receive a tuition refund?
As courses and activities are continuing remotely, the College will not be issuing account credit adjustments for tuition, technology fees or student activity fees.


Are visitors, including prospective students, allowed on campus?
Campus is still open but visitors are strongly discouraged. Large gatherings are canceled. 
Starting Monday, March 23, Roanoke's Admissions Office will discontinue face-to-face interviews with prospective students and will shift to online interviews. Contact Admissions to schedule an online interview. 

Health and Counseling Services

I am having difficulty handling this new situation. Can I still access Student Health and Counseling Services for support?
Roanoke now offers Telemedicine/Telehealth Services. These services include medical and counseling visits through the end of the semester and May Term. Before now, we were only able to offer these services to students located in Virginia at the time of the service, due to licensing regulations and limitations.

We are happy to report many states are now temporarily allowing our counseling providers to practice across state lines. If you would like counseling support, please contact our office to find out about your specific situation.

Please note, this does not include all states and the list is changing often, and there are varying restrictions by state. Students may call 540-375-2286 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to schedule an appointment or consult with a staff member regarding what support is available to them. Student Health and Counseling Services is here for all of our students regardless of where they are currently located.

I already have a doctor and counselor here at home and I live outside of Virginia.
If you are already connected to medical and mental health providers in your locality we recommend you receive services there. We are available to assist students with this transition as needed. Students may call 540-375-2286 for assistance.

What if I’m experiencing a mental health crisis requiring immediate assistance?
If this occurs, we recommend you immediately call 911 or go to your nearest urgent care facility or emergency room.

Is the Care Team still operational?
Yes. Care Team is fully operational although adjusting to providing distance follow-up through tele-counseling and via digital avenues as cases require. Dean Amy Perkins has assumed the role of chair of Care Team during this time and Wes Brusseau is now the vice chair.

Other campus services

Will students and faculty still be able to get technical support?
Yes. Information Technology will continue to serve students remotely. The Help Desk is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 375-2225. 

Will food services continue?
Yes. Food services is available but on a limited basis. 

When does the Fintel Library open?
Fintel Library will open for physical use on Aug. 17, open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Masks will be required to enter the building. Library staff members are still finalizing fall 2020 operating hours once classes begin.

During the closure, Fintel Library staff are still working to fulfill your resource and research assistance needs. You may continue to work with your subject librarian. For personalized reference assistance, small group instruction, and appointment-based research services, your subject librarian will employ a variety of tools to facilitate the "in-person" experience (e.g. interactive chat, SKYPE, ZOOM, or other free screen sharing tools). Research appointments can be arranged at a mutually convenient time.  

Telephone reference assistance is also available (call 540-375-2294 or text 540-318-0753). Hours for virtual assistance are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. If you have an urgent request for a physical item from Fintel’s collections, please email For any physical items that you may have checked out, we ask you not to return items to the library until campus operations return to normal.

Will the Belk Fitness Center be available? 
The Belk Fitness Center reopened on Monday, July 6 at 8 am. Its hours of operation will be 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, with a closure from 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. for facility-wide cleaning.  Saturday and Sunday we will be open 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Facility-wide cleaning will occur before and after hours on Saturday and Sunday.  **These hours are subject to change based on staffing, state guidelines, and the health and wellness of our community.**

Is the bookstore open?
Yes, but it is still online-only until further notice. You can access the site and order books and supplies online. The store is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, and from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The store is closed Sunday.

COVID-19 specific questions

Have any Roanoke College students or faculty tested positive for the virus?
One student tested positive for the virus on April 16. The student lived off-campus in the City of Salem. The student was isolated at the off-campus residence and had not been on campus since the last day of face-to-face classes March 13. Read more about this here.

What happens if a student gets the virus while at home and is not able to do their school work?
Students should contact their professor directly and advise them of the situation. Students may also contact Student Health and Counseling for assistance.

What is the importance of staying home?
Limiting contact with others is best for your health and for the health of others. Even if you don’t have symptoms, you might be spreading the COVID-19 virus. The more we can slow down the spread of the virus, the better equipped our health care system is to handle the number of cases.

Does Health Services have COVID-19 tests?
At this point all testing is being handled by the Virginia Department of Health state laboratory. Roanoke College staff will coordinate with local VDH officials.

What is Roanoke College doing to protect employees who are still working and coming on campus?
In addition to remote learning, social distancing, no in-person meetings and increased disinfection of campus buildings, employees who are at-risk or who are caring for someone at-risk can request to work from home. Employees who cannot work from home may request a leave of absence, drawing from the five extra days of leave recently given to employees in this category, on top of their other accrued-leave balances.

How is Roanoke College protecting the community?
Roanoke College is following CDC guidelines on screening and response protocols, and will continue to issue updates to those in the Roanoke College community as well as on our social media outlets. Housekeeping department continues to disinfect and clean the campus with products recommended for killing viruses. 

If I have more questions, where can I ask them?
Future updates can be found at You can also email us at for queries not addressed on the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.  

For questions about COVID-19 itself, we recommend reading the Centers for Disease Control webpage and the Virginia Department of Health website. We have a longer list of resources at