Church Leadership

Roanoke College Mission 
Roanoke College develops students as whole persons and prepares them for responsible lives of learning, service, and leadership by promoting their intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.

Our Lutheran Heritage
The tradition of the Lutheran College education is one that encourages the inquisitive mind by acknowledging that critical thinking and spiritual growth are both required for each to flourish. Roanoke College was founded by two Lutheran pastors, David F. Bittle and Christopher C. Baughman in 1842. 

Roanoke College welcomes and reflects a variety of religious traditions. The College honors its Christian heritage and its partnership with the Lutheran church by nurturing a dialogue between faith and reason. In keeping with its history and mission, the College strives to be a diverse community, nationally and internationally.

The College has a unique Lutheran identification in a relatively non Lutheran area and we are proud to host the Bishop's Office for the Virginia Synod (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) on our beautiful campus.

The Chaplaincy at Roanoke College is endowed as the Timothy L. Pickle Dean of the Chapel

Photo of Reverend Chris Bowen

Reverend Chris Bowen is an ordained ELCA Lutheran Pastor.  He is responsible for overseeing Christian life on campus. 

The Chaplain's office focuses on religious life and faith works through: Weekly Chapel Service, Weekly Even Song service with Holy Communion and numerous weekly activities that provoke thought and growth of student faith.

Some of the Christian based organizations that students participate in include: Lutheran Student Movement, Catholic Campus Ministry, Maroon Baptist Fellowship, Intervarsity and Young Life.

Reverend R. Paul HenricksonThe Rev. R. Paul Henrickson serves as Director of Church Relations.

Phone Number: 540-375-4958

Apply to Roanoke College

In addition to regular scholarships, grants and financial assistance, Roanoke College also has Lutheran scholarships worth an additional $1,000 per year. An on-line application to attend Roanoke College can be found at or the Admissions Office can be reached at 800-388-2276.  We look forward to working with you!