Peer Health Education (Maroon Wellness)

Have you heard about MAROON WELLNESS?

Through our Maroon Wellness team we offer a unique opportunity to RC students who are interested in challenging their friends and peers to think about, discuss, and consider changing habits and attitudes toward high-risk health behaviors. We conduct a variety of campus wide programs throughout the school year that are fun but also provide practical information.

Our Programs:

  • Casino Night: Who says alcohol education can't be fun?! Casino Night is a great way for students to chill out and de-stress while trying their hand at a variety of casino games like black jack. Students can enjoy mocktails while testing their knowledge on alcohol and alcohol consumption through a variety of informational games.

  • 50 Shades of Maroon: One of our most requested hall programs to date. 50 Shades is our sex education and reproductive health interactive hall program that is fun and informational.

  • Happy Hour: Another one of our alcohol education hall programs that teaches students responsible drinking habits.

  • Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: The Roanoke College community is proud to show its support for sexual assault and misconduct awareness. Walk a Mile is just one of our many events that get people out and talking about what it means to give consent. 

  • and many more!!

Get in contact with your RA if you want Maroon Wellness to come to your dorm for a hall program!!


Want to get involved?

Anyone interested in becoming a Maroon Wellness team member should fill out the application below.  Applicants selected will be notified to come in for an interview.  Training will be provided. We look for energetic, creative, students with a good sense of humor who have a couple of hours each week to present enticing programs on topics such as safer sex, responsible alcohol use, and stress relief, to name a few.

Click here to complete the application! Once you're finished, print and send via campus mail to Health Services or drop off at our office on High Street next to Chalmers.