Part-time Faculty


In order to ensure that part-time faculty providing instruction are fully acquainted with College and departmental policies and practices and know how to obtain the services needed in support of their instruction, the Office of the Dean will provide an orientation session for all new part-time faculty.


Departments may have additional policies and procedures for guidance; this information will be provided by the chair. He or she is also willing to answer any questions and provide needed assistance.
Mailboxes are provided within each department for part-time faculty. Important information is relayed through campus mail and each faculty member should check his or her mailbox on a regular basis. In addition, each part-time faculty member should establish an e-mail account on campus, and check for messages on a regular basis.


To ensure that the credentials and demonstrated effectiveness of the part-time faculty member meet institutional standards and the stated standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the department chair will certify to the Office of the Dean that the prospective part-time faculty member has completed at least 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching discipline and holds at least a master's degree, or holds the minimum of a master's degree with a major in the teaching discipline. In exceptional cases, when a prospective part-time faculty member does not have a master's degree, the department chair must certify the outstanding professional experience and demonstrated contributions to the teaching profession that justify the individual's teaching for the College. In addition, the candidate's credentials must be formally approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs prior to employment. All faculty must have earned their highest degree from a regionally accredited institution or, if from an institution outside the United States or a non-accredited institution, show evidence of appropriate academic preparation. All faculty must be proficient in oral and written communication in the language in which assigned courses are taught.

To remain on the part-time roster, the faculty member must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the department chair and the Dean that he or she is providing instruction that is comparable with College norms. When student ratings or other information suggest that this standard is not being met for a given course, the Dean will so indicate in writing to the instructor and the department chair. Should there not be evidence that any perceived problem has been remedied in the next course taught, the part-time faculty member will no longer be eligible to teach at the College, and his or her name will be removed from the part-time roster.


The process described below has been developed to ensure that courses are being taught by part-¬time faculty with effectiveness comparable to that of courses taught by tenure-track faculty and to be able to document teaching effectiveness of part-time faculty.

At the conclusion of each course taught, the part-time faculty member will provide the department chair with a brief written analysis of how the course has gone. Included in this will be any indications of teaching effectiveness, as seen by the instructor, and any special circumstances that he or she believes need to be emphasized.

At the point in the academic year when the department chair is evaluating other non-tenured faculty, he or she completes a brief evaluation form for each course taught by a part-time faculty member, indicating clearly that the instruction has either met or not met College standards. A copy of the form is given to the faculty member and placed in that person's personnel file. The chair is encouraged to discuss the evaluation with the faculty member.


In the course of your work, you will have access to confidential information regarding students or the College or perhaps fellow employees. It is one of our primary responsibilities to be sure that you, in no way, reveal or divulge any such information and that you use it only in the performance of your duties. Any questions or requests for information regarding students should be referred to the Registrar's Office. Other requests for information should be referred to the Dean's Office or Human Resources.

Faculty should be aware that legislation (e.g., the "Buckley Amendment") guarantees the confidentiality of data concerning student records. Faculty should therefore not release and/or reveal any such information to anyone other than appropriate College personnel without ascertaining whether students have authorized such dissemination. The Associate Dean/Registrar is the Privacy Act Coordinator.

The College distributes an annual notice to students and faculty concerning the Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act of 1974.


Part-time faculty are paid on the last working day of each month. Salary and months of payment are delineated on the temporary appointment form that part-time faculty sign when accepting employment with the College. In the month of December paychecks are available on the 15th or the last business day prior. Direct Deposit is mandatory here at the College; you would need to make arrangements with the Payroll Office by the 10th of the month in order for new Direct Deposit to be in effect for that month's check. On the last working day of the month, your payroll advices can be found via WebAdvisor. Instructions can be found on the payroll webpage. Payroll checks show gross compensation, less tax deductions that are required by law such as federal and state income taxes, FICA (Social Security), and garnishments.

Temporary employees may participate in a Tax Deferred Annuity Plan through payroll. The plan is a TIAA-CREF 403B supplemental retirement plan; and voluntary, employee's only contributions must be made on a pre-tax basis. Please contact Leighann Boyer, Benefits Manager, extension #2288, for additional information or to enroll in the Plan.
Any monies due the College upon termination will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck. Every precaution is taken to avoid errors in paychecks. If an error does occur, please contact the Payroll office immediately, before cashing the check if possible. If an error is found, the adjustment will be made on the following payroll.

There are no payroll advances.


You are now a part of our team. Roanoke College has made considerable progress since its beginning and the credit goes to each individual employee. Your job is important toward the College's continued growth and security. With everyone working together, the College will be unsurpassed in the field of higher education.