Departmental courses with a fixed topic are classified as Tutorials when either (a) fewer than six students register for the course and the professor is willing to teach the course on a stipend basis, or (b) a faculty member agrees to teach a course that was not scheduled to be offered that semester to a small number of students who need the course in that semester to fulfill program requirements.   Tutorials carry the same credit listed in the catalog, and although the number of contact hours may differ from a regular course, the overall workload (reading, assignments, exams) should be equivalent to the course as regularly offered. Tutorials must be approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration.

Department chairs are responsible for working with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration to ensure that students are properly registered for tutorials. Procedures for registering students can be found on the Department Chair Information page.

Although supervision of Tutorials often includes both direct contact hours with students (teaching, discussion, proctoring exams) as well as preparation/grading time, stipends for supervision are based only upon the total number of direct contact hours. Faculty are free to work out the precise schedule of contact hours with their students (e.g., some weeks may have more contact hours than others). Stipends are paid on a per student basis. The following pay scale is used:

  • Fewer than 20 contact hours: $125
  • At least 20 contact hours: $200
  • At least 30 contact hours: $300

Stipends are paid once a final grade has been submitted and the contact hours have been confirmed with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration