Congratulations to faculty & staff with current external funding:

Dr. Elizabeth Ackley, Health & Human Performance, was awarded a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as the lead collaborator for Invest Health, an initiative aimed at transforming the ways in which city leaders work together to help low-income communities thrive, with specific attention to community features that drive health such as access to safe and affordable housing, places to play and exercise, and quality jobs.

Dr. David Anderson, Sociology, was awarded a 2016 VFIC Mednick Fellowship for his research in Theosophical Perceptions of the Ancient Past-whether the general public perceives the results of archaeological research in naturalistic or spiritual terms.

Dr. Alice Kassens, Business Administration & Economics, was awarded two grants from the Charles Koch Foundation-one for the continuation of the Economics reading groups and one  to support her research on The Impact of Standards of Practice Legislation on Advanced Practice Nurses and Health Care Outcomes.

Dr. Martha Kuchar, English, was awarded a Fulbright Flex grant to revise her dissertation into a book on Alexander Herzen, who is prized for his great contribution to Russian discourse on liberty and individual freedom. 

Dr. David Nichols, was awarded a grant from Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia to complete the CLiC (Community Living Connection) Forward Assessment Project.

Dr. Meg Steinweg, was awarded a 2017 VFIC Mednick Fellowship to investigate the influence of human activity on cave ecosystems, specifically the role of humans in nutrient availability, at Natural Bridge Caverns.