Congratulations to faculty & staff with current external funding:

Dr. Elizabeth Ackley, Health & Human Performance, has received funding from three sources for her work in community health. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded a grant for Invest Health, an initiative aimed at transforming ways that city leaders work together to help low-income communities thrive, with specific attention to community features that drive health such as access to safe and affordable housing, places to play and exercise, and quality jobs. Change Lab Solutions awarded additional funding so that Roanoke can be part of a cohort of eight communities creating change in policies, systems, environments, and institutions to improve the health of their community, and Freedom First Federal Credit Union has provided a grant to expand the Roanoke Valley Health Living Index to assess nutritionā€related beliefs and behaviors among Roanoke city youth and their families.

Dr. Alice Kassens, Business Administration & Economics, has received funding from the Charles Koch Foundation for the establishment of the Roanoke College Center for Economic Freedom to focus on teaching, researching, and sharing issues pertaining to economic freedom.

Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O’Keef, Public Affairs, has received grants from two sources for her project “International Business in the Middle East and North Africa” to explain different types of political risks (e.g., military coup, revolution, corruption) and the strategic responses of business and society in the Middle East and North Africa, by developing and implementing a mixed methods research tool (surveys and interviews with business, the public, and policymakers. She received the Mednick Faculty Fellowship Award for 2018 as well as funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada as part of a partnership with faculty from University of Calgary and State University of New York at Binghamton.

Dr. David Nichols, Psychology, has received continued grant funding from Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia to complete the CLiC (Community Living Connection) Forward Assessment Project with the evaluation, development and implementation of an assessment tool.

Dr. Katherine O’Neill, Environmental Studies, has received additional funding for the extension of her National Science Foundation (NSF) subcontract through Duke University for the project entitled “Human and Natural Forcings of Critical Zone Dynamics and Evolution at the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory.”

Dr. Anil Shende, Computer Science, received contract funding from Tenable, Inc. to conduct software research culminating in a problem-solving research paper.

Dr. Julia Sienkewicz, Fine Arts, has receiving grant funding from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, for author and publication costs for her new work—Epic Landscapes: Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the Art of Watercolor.