Student Summer Scholar Program

Would you rather flip hamburgers (or paint houses or mow lawns) or spend a summer on the Roanoke campus using your mind? Would you like to get paid $2,500 (and free housing and independent study credit) for feeding your curiosity?

Roanoke's Summer Scholar Program is designed for serious students who want to use their summers wisely and work one-on-one with faculty. Every year, students compete for selection to receive one of the summer scholarships. "When selecting Summer Scholars, a group of faculty from across the college review student research proposals and have hard choices to make because of the large number of highly qualified applicants," says Dr. Julie Lyon, Director of Student-Faculty Research and Assistant Professor of Business Administration. For Summer Scholars, the experience continues into the fall, as every student presents their project during Family Weekend in late September. A good salary. A mind-expanding summer. A chance to strut your stuff. It all adds up.

Recent Summer Scholars Projects (2014)

  • Alex Berryman,working with Dr. Lane Destro on "Managing Transportation and Economic Volatility:  What Can Policymakers Learn from Rural Families?"
  • Sara Dorrance, working with Dr. Denise Friedman on "Well Being in Digital Natives:  Examining the Roles of Cell Phone Addiction and Time Away Interventions."
  • Eric Fagan, working with Dr. Mary Henold on "The Early Concept of Adolescence as Portrayed in Juvenile Novels at the Turn of the Twentieth Century."
  • Hayley Field, working with Dr. Meeta Mehrotra on "Exploring Adjustment Among Refugees in the Roanoke Valley."
  • Seth Fortmann, working with Dr. Chris Lassiter on "Green Fluorescent Protein Expression in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) for Detection of Estrogenic Activity in the Roanoke River."
  • Jake Norris, working with Dr. Tim Johann on "Determining the Significance of the InhA 'substrate-binding loop' in the Construction of Mycolic Acids."
  • Samantha Parsons, working with Dr. Adam Childers on "Protecting Data Confidentiality and Scientific Integrity through Synthetic Data and Mediator Servers."
  • Randall Pittman, working with Dr. Durell Bouchard on "Analyzing Performance Increase Between Python, PyCUDA, C++, and CUDA."
  • Taylor Robertson, working with Dr. John Selby on "Tragedy or Triumph?  Freedman's Bureau Education in Virginia, 1865-1869."
  • Fran Rowe, working with Dr. Kelly Anderson on "Analysis of Solid-Liquid Interactions of Near Ether Liquids and Ether-alkane Mixtures on an Implicit Gold Surface Using Monte Carlo Molecular Simulations."
  • Danielle Sekel, working with Dr. Jeff Sandborg on "The Homogenization of Bulgarian Folk Music:  Preservation of Systemic Sponsorship?"
  • Mackenzie Sullivan, working with Dr. William Brenzovich on "The Design and Development of new Chemical Reactions."
  • Ashley Wolfe, working with Dr. Leslie Murrill on "Analysis to Application:  Family Literacy Research and Execution in the Southwest Virginia Community."

Roanoke students also frequently present their research work at regional and national professional conferences.  Most summer scholars present their work at such conferences in addition to the on-campus Showcase of Research & Creativity. Dr. Chris Lassiter, Director of Undergraduate Research, will be running Summer Scholars 2015. His contact info is, (540) 375-2460, 406E Life Science.

Deadline: March 15

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