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Biology (B.S. and B.A. Class of '17)

Biology (B.S. and B.A. Class of '18)

Biology (B.S. and B.A. Class of '19 and later)


Students studying fish in a biology class

The Biology Department at Roanoke College offers a diverse course of study that complements the college's broadly-based liberal arts curricular core. The Department's curriculum is designed to expose students to important areas in modern biology with contemporary ideas and concepts placed in historical perspective. In addition to the development of a base of knowledge in biological science, students are encouraged to develop the skills that will be required whatever career path is taken beyond the undergraduate level. An important part of our plan is to help our students (both majors and non-majors) develop a sense of the role biological science plays in the modern world and to foster a sense of understanding and responsibility regarding the impact of the human species from the local through the global levels.  Our curricular goals are located here.  For current biology courses, click the link to the left.  The complete academic catalog can be found here.