Data and Econometric Analysis Joint Certificate Program

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Basic Information

Over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies use the software SAS. Roanoke College is the only undergraduate, liberal arts college in the United States that offers a Joint Certificate Program with SAS. After completing the program you will have the SAS programming skills needed by many of the top employers. The certificate is evidence of your skills that you can add to your resume and employers will know what it signals. The program can be completed in one academic year, but two is recommended. The program is open to students in any major. 


ECON 448 Introduction to Econometrics (Prerequisite(s): ECON 321 OR ECON 322, INQ 240; Permission) 

Economics quantitative methods course which covers SAS Programming I and includes a major, empirical research paper employing SAS programming.  

SAS Programming II (Prerequisite: ECON 448 and SAS Programming I)

Take the Programming II course with Dr. Kassens as an independent study and produce a research project reflecting skills attained. 

SAS Users Group (Prerequisite: None but some SAS experience is encouraged)

At least one semester participating in the experiential learning group. We will hear from SAS experts and employers and experiment with SAS functions. Student leadership positions available. Begins in spring 2016.

Elective (Prerequisite(s): INQ 240 or MATH 111 or higher, approval by Director)

Take an additional SAS course, Honors in Major or independent study project that utilizes SAS software, or other approved forms of SAS learning and experience.


  • Excellent and documented skills for the workforce
  • Small graduation ceremony and diploma signifying completion of the program
  • E-Portfolio of your competency and body of work using SAS
  • Prepared to sit for the Base Programmer Certification Exam for SAS 9 and receive 50% off exam price 

Contact Information

If you are interested in entering the DEA-JCP @RC, contact Dr. Alice Louise Kassens ( in West 234. Enrollment is open at the start of each semester beginning in the fall of 2015.