Sports Schedule

2014 Co-Rec VB Champs

Fall 2018

Sport Team Signup Ends
Playing Location
7v7 Flag Football Sep 4 Kerr Stadium
6v6 Volleyball Sep 4 Bast Gym
3v3 Basketball Oct 26 Bast Gym
4v4 Indoor Soccer Oct 26 Alumni Gym

Spring 2019

Sport Team Signup Ends
Playing Location
5v5 Basketball Jan 22 Bast Gym
3v3 Floor Hockey Jan 22 Bast Racquetball
6v6 Outdoor Soccer Mar 15 Kerr Stadium
7v7 Wiffleball Mar 15 Bast Gym

All leagues are scheduled in a season format.  Participants will signup for a division that plays on a specific day each week for the duration of the season.  The regular season will last 3-5 weeks with the top half of teams advancing to the playoffs.  Visit to sign up and join a team or register as a free agent!