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Many employers post internship opportunities on MaroonNet, some of which are PAID. Not all of these opportunities are in the local area to the College - some are in other cities, states, or abroad. Additionally, through vendor partners, when you do an internship search on MaroonNet, you also get results from several other national job/internship posting sites at the same time. Give it a try!!

Current students and alumni should visit  and use their RC user name and password to enter. 

IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTIES, CONTACT CAREER SERVICES AT 540-375-2303. is a site dedicated to helping students find internships around the country to gain valuable experience in their field of study. logo

Commonwealth of Virginia Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Industry Internship program - 

This is a centralized site and process for students in STEM areas to learn of and apply for internships throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. For details, visit A new interactive site with student testimonials is also now available at The annual application site for students opens approximately November 1, and employers will be aiming to start making offers around February 1, so interested students should not procrastinate!

Internship Information and Websites

Why Should I Do An Internship? An internship is a short-term work experience designed to provide a useful view of work in a field which interests you. Through an internship you may discover whether or not you would like to work in that field and gain experience which you may cite when you apply for career positions later. How Do I Get an Internship? The Career Services staff will be glad to assist you and provide information that will help you find an internship. An information packet on Finding an Internship is available in the Office of Career Services to serve as a basic guide. This topic is covered in a number of workshops offered to students, including: Using Career Services to Find an Internship and Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities (part of the Freshman and Sophomore Series). An internship information table is also set up on a monthly basis at the entrance to the cafeteria during lunch. This is a good opportunity to ask specific questions and look through some of the internship requests received from the business community. Finally, the Office of Career Services sponsors an annual Internship Fair in November. This event showcases organizations, especially local ones, that have a need for interns in a variety of majors. An individual assessment of your interests will also be conducted with a staff member during a short interview. At this time, suggestions will be made about the best type of internship for you.

Where Can I Intern? Internship opportunities are numerous. All requests received in the Office of Career Services are included in this comprehensive database. Details on many of these opportunities are filed in the Office of Career Services for student reference. They also have directories which list internships on a nationwide basis. Most all of the Internet job search sites also post internship opportunities. Visit the Internet Sources page of the Roanoke College Career Services website to access these links. Internships may also be developed for individual students, either for academic credit or for no credit. See Career Services for more information on these experiences. Students interested in completing internships are encouraged to check with their advisor regarding departmental requirements for internships for credit.

Students who would like to consider an internship at Walt Disney World in Florida must attend an Information Session first, to be eligible for an interview. Basic information about the internship, living arrangements, and other details are covered in the session. The information is critical to a student who may be deciding to take a semester off from school in order to complete a Disney internship. If an Information Session is not available on campus or at a nearby institution, you may view a Disney E-presentation via the provided link. Ms. McLawhorn, in Career Services, can also provide information in more detail if you have questions.

NEED HOUSING WHILE DOING AN INTERNSHIP?? Career Services maintains a list of places in large metropolitan cities who rent dorm rooms and/or apartments to students on a temporary basis, for use while doing an internship. For New York, here is one: For other housing leads, call Career Services at 540-375-2303, or email

CRCC Asia Internship Program

CRCC Asia has launched a Live Webinar Series, which focuses on developing student's professional development and interest in interning abroad. They have already hosted two webinars this summer and are excited to continue into the Fall. To check out our previous webinars click the links below:· A Look at Interning in China from former interns perspective· Alumni Reflecting on Their Internship in China


GoEco offers excellent internship opportunities for those who want to gain international work experiences. Interns will receive personal attention, guidance and feedback from their mentors while participating in these specially designed programs. Upon completion, interns will have a professional reference and be able to set themselves apart from others when applying for jobs or promotions.

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