Recommendation Request Form for Students and Graduates

THIS FORM IS FOR THE USE OF ROANOKE COLLEGE STUDENTS OR GRADUATES WISHING TO ASK EMPLOYEES OF THE COLLEGE FOR ANY RECOMMENDATION - JOB, GRADUATE SCHOOL, OR OTHER - INCLUDING EITHER ORAL OR WRITTEN RECOMMENDATIONS TO BE MADE. ONE form is needed for each College employee being requested to provide a recommendation.  (If multiple recommendations are to be made for the Requestor by one College employee, then only one form for the Requestor is needed.)  Here is a link to a Word document of this form for printing purposes.

The REQUESTOR of the recommendation should please print, complete, and provide this form to the person making the recommendation.  The RECOMMENDER should make a copy for their own files and send the original form to Career Services in the Fowler House for permanent filing.

Requestor of Recommendation:  Please print this form out sign and date it and deliver it by hand or mail to the person from whom you are requesting a recommendation.

Provider of Recommendation:  Please return this signed form to the Office of Career Services.    

Student/Graduate's Full Name _______________________________________________________________

I hereby request that ___________________________________________ provide a recommendation for my application for employment or graduate school. I give permission to this individual to provide any information he or she deems relevant regarding my application.

Student/Graduate Signature __________________________________________________________________ Date:  _____________________________________

Date of Anticipated (or Actual)  Graduation:  ____________________________­­­__

Recommender's signature/date:_____________________________________________________________________    

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