On-Campus Job Opportunities

Parents and Incoming Students - How Do You Learn of Student Campus Job Opportunities?

The College views opportunities for students to work on campus also as opportunities for professional development, in preparing students for opportunities beyond the Roanoke College community.   As such, there are some requirements that must be met regarding campus employment. 

1)  A campus student employer may NOT hire a student without first having the job posted on MaroonNet for a minimum of one work week (five business days).  All jobs must be posted!

2)  In order to be considered an applicant for campus jobs, a student MUST upload a resume to his/her MaroonNet profile (addressed below).  It is recommended that students work with the Career Services staff to produce an acceptable document, in order to make a good first impression to employers.  Career Services staff can provide assistance in person, by phone, and/or by email, year-round.  (540-375-2303, careers@roanoke.edu)

The various offices and work sites on campus greatly depend on student employees to fill a number of work positions throughout the year.  About 300 student positions are filled annually, ranging from office assistants, to grounds workers, to cafeteria assistants, and even some opportunities that may be able to carry internship credit as well (such as for accounting students who might want to work in our Business Affairs office, or students who may wish to work in our PR office).  Work sites will use students who are approved for work-study as part of their FAFSA approval process, as well as students who do not qualify for work-study. Each job posting should indicate the restrictions for the respective posted student job opportunity. (Questions about work-study? See Financial Aid Office in Roselawn.)

Students access listings of currently-available on-campus jobs through MaroonNet, our secure online jobs and internship site. All students have access to this site.  New incoming students will gain access within 48 hours of registering for classes for their first semester. The student link for MaroonNet is http://www.roanoke.edu/maroonnet  - use your RC user name and password to enter.  If you experience ANY problems, please contact Career Services - 540-375-2303, or careers@roanoke.edu.

Login to MaroonNet

On your FIRST log-in to MaroonNet, you will be asked to complete all vacant but required items (marked with an asterisk*).  You are encouraged to complete ALL of the details in your profile, as it will help tailor the types of opportunities you are presented with through MaroonNet. 

You then will see a list of Career Network Registrations, which partner with our MaroonNet vendor, to provide you even more opportunities, per the details you provide in your profile.  The default has selected that you'd like information from ALL of these partner networks.  To opt out, uncheck the box(es) of the respective vendors you wish to omit.  Again, you are encouraged to opt in for ALL of them, in order to receive yet more opportunities through MaroonNet.  When done with this, click on SAVE in the bottom right corner, and if you are not automatically taken to your Dashboard, click on "Go to Dashboard."

Because students are required to upload a resume to MaroonNet, in order to be considered for campus employment, once on your Dashboard, click on My Profile, and then on Resumes.  You'll be able to select documents to upload at this point.  A list will be saved in your profile.  

To search for jobs, point to Job Search in the menu on the left, and pull down to Job Search.  At the next screen, you will see a number of optional filters, just under "Job Search" at the top of this screen.  There are red arrows on the outer parameters of these boxes to show you more options.  Click the red arrow until you see the filter for "Position Type."  Pull down and select "On Campus Student Job."  The results will be all currently-active posts by campus employers. 

It is advisable to check this site often, as we never know when campus employers will post a need, though the busiest times will be as we near the end of one semester, moving into another.  

MaroonNet is also used to post off-campus jobs and paid internships, with access through the same link as given above. Many local employers will post part-time jobs for students, from retail, to child care, to tutoring.