Parking FAQ

How were the colors for the student zones selected?
Roanoke College has two sets of colors. The following paragraph is quoted from The First Hundred Years at Roanoke College by William Edward Eisenburg, page 452: "The official colors of the College have been, and still are, two hues described as National blue and Mandarin yellow.

How do I share parking suggestions or concerns?
Submit an e-mail message to the Parking Advisory Committee at

What is the Parking Advisory Committee?
A committee of faculty, staff and students that evaluates empirical data and feedback from the campus community to inform recommendations made to the administration regarding the College's parking system.

How do visitors obtain parking hang tags?
Visitors and guests of the campus community must obtain a Visitor permit. The Office of Campus Safety issues general visitor parking permits for use in the Bowman lot for those attending various College-sponsored programs and events on campus.

Additional visitor and guest parking is available in the following lots:

Monterey lot - five spaces are reserved for the exclusive use of Monterey house guests. Monterey guest permits will be provided when room keys are obtained by guests.

Roselawn lot on High St. - spaces are reserved for exclusive use of Admissions Office guests. Admissions guest permits will be provided by the Admissions office.

Bast Center lot - spaces are reserved for exclusive use of Belk Fitness Center guests (secondary users such as alumni, spouses and retirees). Faculty, staff and students are not permitted to use these spaces.

Where do I pay parking citation fines?
Parking fines will be paid at the Business Office in College Hall rather than at the Campus Safety Office.