No Frills Catering


No frills catering is designed specifically for Roanoke College campus events to serve your event without all of the usual bells and whistles.  Items on the no frills menu are only available for pick up and all the items will be served on disposable products.  There will not be anything for dining services to pick up and nothing for our customers to return, all at a substantial cost savings to our campus community.  There will be no further discounts applied. 

Breakfast Items (minimum order of 12)

Juice (Apple or Orange)                                  $1 each

Danish or Muffins                                           $8 per dozen

Sweet & Salty Nut Bars                                   $8 per dozen                           

Beverages by the gallon (Coffee, Lemonade, Iced Tea)       $8 per gallon    

Sandwich Items (minimum order of 12)

Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich                              $2.75 each

Veggie Wrap                                                              $2.25 each

Chicken Salad Wrap                                                    $2.75 each

Ham, Turkey or Roast Beef Sliders                            $  .75 each 

Dinner Buffet $10.95

Pork BBQ with buns

Macaroni Salad Chips

Gourmet Cookies

Soda/Spring Water

$ per person (minimum 25 guests-Includes paper goods)

Reception and Snacks

Small Cheese Tray                       $25

Small Fruit Tray                          $25

Potato Chips                                $50  per bag (minimum order of 12)

Gourmet Cookies                         $7.50 per 2 dozen

Assorted Soda                              $.75 each (minimum order of 12)

Spring Water                                $.75 each (minimum order of 12)

RC Spirit Water                            $1 each (minimum order of 12)