The Partnership

Program with Virginia Tech

The College of Engineering at Virginia Tech and Roanoke College have joined to provide a dual degree program in engineering and the liberal arts.  Students pursue a joint program of study beginning at Roanoke College and then transfer to Virginia Tech, earning a B.S. degree in engineering from Virginia Tech and the B.A. or B.S. degree with a major in Physics or Mathematics from Roanoke College.  This program allows the student at Roanoke College to begin his or her education at a small, high-quality, liberal arts institution, to sample basic engineering courses at a nearby internationally recognized engineering college before committing to the full study of engineering, and then, if desired, to pursue degrees at both institutions.

In addition to the courses described above, the student should also take the introductory engineering courses required of engineering students at Virginia Tech.  These courses are also offered at Virginia Western Community College and should be taken during the Summer between the student's first and second year or second and third year at Roanoke College.

Admission to Virginia Tech as a transfer student may occur at any time after two years of study at Roanoke College.  While admission may be approved for the Spring semester, Summer or Fall transfer is encouraged.  Transfer applicants must meet all normal transfer admission requirements of Virginia Tech.