The Process

Step 1:

Contact the Program Coordinator upon enrollment to discuss a recommended course of study. 

Step 2:

Complete all general education requirements of Roanoke College and the majority of the requirements for a degree in Physics or Mathematics in the first 3 years.

Courses required at Roanoke College in addition to the courses for the specific engineering programs:

Physics Degree:

  • PHYS 201, 202, 203, 370, one physics course 300-level or above, and one 400-level physics course.
  • MATH 121, 122, 201 and 331
  • CHEM 111 and 112

Math Degree:

  • PHYS 201 and 202
  • MATH 121, 122, 131, 201, and 331
  • STAT 202, CPSC 120, and three additional courses chosen from (MATH 306, 321, 361, 388, 402, 431, 482; STAT 301, 401, 403, 404)
  • CHEM 111 and 112

Also, check the admission requirements for Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech's Requirements:

In addition to the courses described above, the student should also take the introductory engineering courses required of engineering students at Virginia Tech.  These courses are also offered at Virginia Western Community College and should be taken during the Summer between the student's first and second year or second and third year at Roanoke College.

Step 3:

After completion of coursework at Roanoke College, you will transfer to the College of engineering at Virginia Tech.

Step 4:

Selected coursework from Virginia Tech is transferred back to Roanoke College to complete major requirement and the 33 1/2 total units of academic credit needed for graduation.