Athletic Training

The Athletic Training Education Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The program of study is designed to prepare students for BOC certification. Students will begin the course of study during their first year at Roanoke College. Entry level courses will be taken and students will begin to gain clinical experience in the athletic training room through directed observation. During the first semester of their sophomore year, students will formally apply for consideration of acceptance to the Athletic Training major. Outlined below are the course requirements, admission procedures for acceptance into the Athletic Training major and clinical requirements.
For a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Athletic Training, the following units of work are required:

HHP 200 Foundations of Movement
HHP 207 Health Fitness Concepts & Applications
HHP 211 Clinical I
HHP 212 Clinical II
HHP 213 Clinical III
HHP 214 Clinical IV
HHP 221 Professional Concepts & Leadership Development
HHP 223 First Aid and Safety OR competency completed through American Red Cross Certification
HHP 224 Introduction to Athletic training
HHP 301 Personal and Community Health
HHP 306 Motor Behavior (HHP 306L lab required)
HHP 307 Athletic Training Administration
HHP 308 Athletic Injury Prevention
HHP 403 Exercise Physiology (HHP 403L lab required)
HHP 413 Therapeutic Exercise
HHP 414 Therapeutic Modalities
HHP 415 Evaluation of Injuries
HHP 416 Internship
BIOL 230 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL 230 Lab required)
BIOL 260 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOL 260 Lab required)

Note that HHP 223 (or equivalent), 224, 301 and Biology 230 are prerequisite courses for admission to the Athletic Training major. Biology 260 is taken as a prerequisite or co-requisite to all upper level Athletic Training courses.
To be considered for admission to the Athletic Training major, students must meet selection criteria established by the department of Health and Human Performance. During the first three semesters of study, students will be required to take general education courses and athletic training courses and to accumulate 100 hours of directed observation in the Roanoke College athletic training room or at practices or games. During their third semester, students may apply for admission to the Athletic Training major. Prior to admission, students must also have completed at least 12 units. The following is a list of selection criteria for admission to the Athletic Training major.

The student:
1. Must have completed at least 12 units.
2. Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.
3. Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in HHP 223 (or equivalent), 224, 301, and Biol. 230.
4. Must submit formal application for Athletic Training major.
5. Must have completed 100 directed observation hours during the first three semesters.
6. Must show competency in basic athletic training skills by submitting a signed skills checklist.
7. Must provide two positive recommendations from faculty or staff of Roanoke College.
8. Must perform well in an interview with selection committee.
9. Must perform well on an entrance examination.
10. Must submit a completed technical standards form with the application for admission.

Students applying for admission to the Athletic Training program must meet all criteria listed above. Applications for admission will be submitted during the third semester (fall term only) at Roanoke College, with a deadline of October 15. Students will be notified of their status no later than January 1. Enrollment into the program will be limited. Students not accepted into the program initially may re-apply the following year. Transfer students will be considered for admission to the Athletic Training major provided they have completed all prerequisites and have met the criteria listed above. Athletic Training majors may incur additional costs for uniforms; travel to and from off-campus sites, background checks and drug tests for clinical assignments and to attend professional conferences.

Athletic Training Clinical Requirement
The Athletic Training clinical requirement is an integral part of the educational program for athletic trainers. Once admitted into the program students must complete four clinical courses. Each semester students will be assigned to an approved clinical instructor (ACI) and must work with the assigned ACI to complete the clinical competencies and proficiencies outlined in the Roanoke College Athletic Training Clinical Manual. In addition, students must obtain 800 hours of field experience under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer. The hours must be completed in an athletic training setting and may be divided between high risk sports, low risk sports, and the athletic training room. One hundred hours of directed observation during the first three semesters and 800 athletic training hours during the remaining five semesters, for a total of 900 hours, are required to complete the athletic training clinical requirement. Assessment of psychomotor skills related to athletic training will be an ongoing process throughout the four years of study. Students will also gain valuable field experience working with upper extremity sports, lower extremity sports, equipment intensive sports and general medical situations.

Technical Standards 

Communicable Disease Policy