Health and Physical Education

About the Program

Health and Physical Education (HPE) majors understand that knowledge and application are the best weapons in the prevention of childhood obesity and can provide individuals with a lifetime of health and wellness.  Especially popular with students who wish to teach and coach at the elementary, middle or high school level, this major ensures eligibility for Virginia's licensure in teaching for Pre-K thru 12th grade Health and Physical Education.

Ultimately, the HPE major develops students' understanding of pedagogical approaches along with physiological, mechanical, psycho-social, and developmentally appropriate principles of teaching. Additionally, the major provides insight into the responsibilities of teaching in a school setting, while elaborating on moral, legal and philosophical facets. HPE majors will develop strong communication and evaluation skills pertinent to educating children and adolescents at both the primary and secondary levels.

Real-world Learning

Numerous field based experiences, including site-based observation and teaching practicums, internships, and student teaching provide Health and Physical Education majors with the tools necessary to become an effective teacher.   Additional opportunities include conducting research and participating in on and off campus service learning experiences.

What's next?

In addition to becoming a licensed teacher, Health and Physical Education majors have been employed in after-school and recreational programs and as coaches.