Recommended Courses for Occupational Therapy School

Pre-occupational therapy course recommendations from your health professions advisors.

You can major in anything; pick something you are passionate about. By taking courses you love, you will earn better grades.

While there is a core set of courses needed for applications to most occupational therapy programs, there is substantial variability in additional prerequisites. You should research the specific requirements and recommendations for your schools of interest.

These courses are required by most occupational therapy schools:

  • ANTH 101 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology)
  • INQ 240 (Statistics)
  • BIOL 230 and 260 (Anatomy and Physiology I and II)
  • PSYC 101 (Introductory Psychology), 221 (Developmental Psychology) and PSYC 381 (Abnormal Psychology)

 These courses are sometimes required by occupational therapy schools:

  • A course in ethics
  • English composition (INQ 110 and INQ 120)
  • One or more semesters of sociology
  • Medical terminology (not offered at Roanoke College, click here for where to take it)

Additional courses may be required by specific programs. Make sure to research your schools of interest.