HPAG "Mock" Interview Application


Please check the type of health professional school to which you are applying:

High School:



Admissions Test Results (if available) (MCAT, DAT, GRE, etc.)

Schools to which you have applied:

List below the names of the persons from whom you will seek recommendations. These should include 2 or more science professors, 1 or 2 non-science professors, other College staff, employers, and medical personnel whom know you. Each evaluator should receive a copy of the Recommendation Form.

Please attach to this Form a one-page statement which tells why you have chosen your intended profession and which gives HPAG personal information which you feel will be useful in evaluating you for health professional school. This statement should be formally presented and printed from a word processor. It should resemble the personal statement required on the AMCAS Application. NOTE: It is not necessary for you to divulge confidential information which, by law, we are required not to ask.